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xt X1 syarif humas – Tribrata News Banten http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id Portal Berita Resmi Polda Banten Wed, 14 Jun 2023 08:54:30 +0000 id hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=6.0.5 Choose That Online Casino Instead Of This Long Trail Online Casino http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/choose-that-online-casino-instead-of-this-long-trail-online-casino/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/choose-that-online-casino-instead-of-this-long-trail-online-casino/#respond Tue, 13 Jun 2023 14:51:32 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=203446 Choose That Online Casino Instead Of This Long Trail Online Casino

Indeed, they provide games which may be much richer in sturdy emotions. We wish you good luck and hope that you just too will be the subsequent winner, whether you select Yukon Gold, Grand Mondial, Captain Cooks, Luxury Casino, or Zodiac! At Grand Mondial Casino you’ll find a huge number of games that will maintain you busy for hours and hours. What’s more, it’s potential to get a hundred and fifty chances to become an instant millionaire for simply C$10.

From there, you can maintain your funds as crypto as long as you like, or use a crypto exchange to switch them back to Canadian funds. As talked about above, you’re spoilt for selection by trying exterior Canada for web casinos and sportsbooks. “We see 10 instances as many individuals https://williamtinker.hashnode.dev/pay-by-phone-casino-canada who gambled online reporting gambling-related points, from 1.6 percent in 2018 to around 16 % in 2021,” she says. GamBan is a cellular app that blocks access to thousands of playing web sites and provides entry to helpful resources.

Spin Palace вЂ“ Whether you prefer to play on desktop or cellular, relaxation assured that Spin Palace offers the same exciting expertise on all gadgets. Like Play Ojo, Spin Palace is preferred by Android users, but it’s also obtainable for Apple units. One of the most well-liked https://6380ae25b2153.site123.me/blog/electronic-check-casinos forms of bonuses, handed out incessantly by most PayPal casinos. The amount required for the validation of your transfers via payment represents solely a small share of your transaction. The costs related to the transaction are also low when compared to other technique of cost.

that you won’t should share your banking particulars on-line. When taking part in on line casino video games however PayPal is blocked for Canadian gamers. PayPal

Recent Winners

PayPal is already a confirmed company and a lot of gamers belief it fully. This option could be very fast, straightforward and convenient in comparability with others. In order to deposit, there is no must enter confidential info corresponding to banking and personal details into the net casinos themselves.

online casino

If you find yourself gambling an excessive amount of, or if it no longer feels like a game, the Self-Exclusion Program can be an important first step in serving to handle your gambling. Also invests gambling income in native non-profit organizations via the Community Gaming Grant program. This program supports activities within the arts, culture, sport, environment, public safety, human and social providers sectors, and father or mother advisory councils and district parent advisory councils. Groups and organizations can host a licensed playing occasion to fundraise for the profit of their communities.

The Single Most readily useful Strategy To Use For Online Casino Revealed

We know it’s hard to imagine, however there is in reality more to get pleasure from at Bodog Casino. Bingo is among the hottest on-line speciality games out there on our platform, but we have more to offer. Thundercrash is one of a sort, you almost have to see it to consider it. Keno, in the meantime, has been round for a while and continues to entertain players all over Canada. Of course, whereas the above titles supply that little something different for these of us who like a little bit of variety, there is a lot to be said for the old classics. Blackjack is considered one of the most popular card video games around, so it is no surprise to see online blackjack as one of the most performed on line casino choices around.

Easy to make use of – Linking a PayPal account to a bank account is straightforward to do. Additionally, all that’s required to transact at a PayPal on line casino Canada is a username and password. Remember that PayPal casinos have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

  • As online playing becomes extra in style, many players are concerned about their private data and credit card info.
  • Possible restrictions might include transaction fees or limitations on utilizing PayPal to say a bonus.
  • There are so many amazing casinos on-line providing nice free slot machines proper now.

The video highlights the main advantages and ease of use PayPal provides when spending on-line. This is, in fact, the principle purpose gamblers love these casinos. Joining a PayPal on line casino in Canada comes with a plethora of benefits. Registering to a PayPal casino is as easy as registering to some other casino in Canada. With this in thoughts, let’s see how to register and play at the most effective PayPal casino in Canada.

The Do’s and Do nots Of Online Casino

Today’s teenagers are living in a society the place legalized gambling isn’t solely socially acceptable; it is broadly promoted and extremely visible. Casinos advertise heavily on TV, radio, online and billboard advertisements. Poker tournaments complete with skilled commentary, fascinating filming angles, and million-dollar prizes have turn out to be “hot ticket” reality TV on cable & broadband networks. You have to be in your house province to sign into this website and access your Espacejeux account. Please ensure your Location Services in your browser are turned ON in your device’s settings. On average, lively gamers spent around $70 per thirty days over the past 12 months, based on iGaming Ontario.

Can you use PayPal for slots?

Paypal is considered one of the most widely accepted e-wallets by casinos and slot sites. It provides a quick and safe means of moving your money, with out compromising any of your personal data.

While this service is just about foolproof, using it could possibly earn you a particular bonus at some on-line casinos. A true institution on the planet of fee cards, the Visa card is sensible and simple to use. However, to be able to play at any online on line casino, a global card that is not restricted by your bank is important. For the remaining, you benefit from safe transactions and high quality insurance coverage. When you play on a table with a reside vendor, you play for actual money and for real.

One Of The Best Paypal Casino In Canada

Not only the on line casino is liable for this, but also the sort of withdrawal you choose. As you would possibly guess, the bonus package is divided among your first 4 deposits. As a complicated passionate gambler in the USA and with a penchant for online slots, WynnBET Casino has its personal unbelievable https://rpgcodex.net/forums/members/williamtinker.31930/about recreation titles and casino wars to check. They can often be worth a lot of money, but they are additionally incredibly troublesome to win. Slots are usually supplied as part of an entire on line casino package deal.

Founded in 2000, this casino is a pioneer in its field and is among the highest-ranked in its subject. Decide upfront how a lot cash you’ll bet, and persist with it. You also can take only a sure amount of money and go away your other technique of cost at house.

The A To Z Of All Types Of Online On Line Casino Video Games

Unfortunately, that doesn’t embrace Canada as the Canadian government permits offshore playing. In 2010 PayPal updated their consumer settlement to simply accept online gambling in regulated markets. Not even licensed and legitimate casinos can accept deposits or withdrawals with PayPal.

Which on-line slots accept PayPal?

  • MrQ Casino Bonus.
  • Duelz Casino Bonus.
  • Regal Wins Casino Bonus.
  • PlayOJO Casino Bonus.
  • Voodoo Dream Casino Bonus.
  • 32Red Casino Bonus.
  • Monopoly Casino Bonus.
  • Rainbow Riches Casino Bonus.
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The Nuiances Of Online Casino http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/the-nuiances-of-online-casino/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/the-nuiances-of-online-casino/#respond Tue, 13 Jun 2023 10:20:56 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=203400 The Nuiances Of Online Casino

A Player ought to evaluate the relevant Bonus Funds Terms previous to accepting a proposal of Bonus Funds. If a Player does not settle for the applicable Bonus Funds Terms in their entirety, then the Player should not accept the related Bonus Funds or opt-out of the promotion in accordance with such Bonus Fund Terms. The awarding and availability of Bonus Funds are in OLG’s sole discretion. The use of Bonus Funds could be restricted to specific Games and particular periods of time, and Bonus Funds may expire and be cancelled if they are not used previous to a specified date or time. In addition, OLG may cancel Bonus Funds which were uploaded right into a Player Account at any time in its sole discretion. A Player may cancel their withdrawal request through their Player Account.

Players get to enjoy most profits because of zero or negligible transactions fees. To know which online casinos accept PayPal, check the cost section. Reputable online casinos with PayPal have a variety of payment strategies. It serves over 300 million happy customers globally, and years of PayPal’s flawless operations have demonstrated its safety and safety. These embrace SSL encryption, and two-factor authentication (the use of PINs, and passwords).

One Of The Best On-line Casinos For Paypal In Ontario, Canada In 2023

The Trois-RiviГЁres Gaming Hall offers a gaming space with over 200 seats for all gambling lovers. The atmosphere is especially pleasant and not significantly stuffy. The poker tournaments held in the lounge space make the Trois-RiviГЁres gaming institution a should for poker followers in Canada.

You enter the details and join your checking account or cost card. PayPal attracts funds from there and sends them the place you instruct it to. Free spins bonuses are integral to a welcome bonus designated for brand new players. It’s not unusual that online casinos PayPal platforms treat their present clients with some extra spins. Whether you enjoy https://www.hifiwigwam.com/threads/best-android-app-for-casting-internet-radio.98819/ games such as baccarat, poker or blackjack, our expert group has shortlisted the highest playing sites for you to strive. If you wish to couple straightforward transactions with a good sport, we advise  for one of the best PayPal online casino.

Leovegas Ontario

cellular customers may have a full & easy expertise. After every thing is checked out in the real cash on line casino, the remaining stability is drawn out to test the withdrawal process. We’ll be the first to let you understand where to seek out one, but for now, we’ve got essential info on using PayPal as a payment method, along with our pick of one of the best online casinos and exclusive bonuses.

However, casinos cannot provide it as a banking option in Canada due to its gambling coverage. PayPal is permitted only in regulated jurisdictions like Ontario. Because of this, you must use it at some on-line casinos in Ontario. Online Paypal casinos should have a extensive https://www.elitetrader.com/et/members/williamtinker.537058/ range of channels that can be utilized to contact the casino staff. All customer help teams ought to have the ability that will help you with basic Cesino checking account issues, linking points with PayPal accounts, and PayPal withdrawals.

The province presents loads of live playing action for Canadians, and most are First Nations-operated. Slots, roulette, blackjack and poker are all offered to gaming-hungry Alberta casino followers every day. Place actual cash bets on your favorite sports activities, from soccer to basketball. A perk of enjoying at a high Canadian online on line casino is the range of deposit bonuses you will discover. The commonest is a free cash bonus which is awarded just for making a deposit with a casino. OLG.ca is a lottery and gaming website meant for personal entertainment.

The AGLC contributes proceeds from lottery tickets, Diamond Millions progressive slots and different slot video games, VLTs, electronic bingo to the Alberta Lottery Fund. This fund is then used to help native volunteer, public and group initiatives. Finding a fantastic on line casino online Alberta players can get pleasure from needn’t be a chore.

What actual money casinos accept PayPal?

  • BetMGM Online Casino.
  • Borgata Online Casino.
  • Caesars Online Casino.
  • DraftKings Online Casino.
  • FanDuel Online Casino.
  • SugarHouse Online Casino.
  • Unibet Online Casino.
  • WynnBET Online Casino.

With so many Online Casino games to choose from, this can allow you to determine which of them you want greatest. The free demo can be a great way to discover methods to play a selected recreation earlier than you resolve to wager actual cash. AGLC provides the knowledge players must make knowledgeable choices about playing. This is at the core of AGLC’s commitment to accountable playing and a significant piece in assisting players. We’re positive you agree that with the flexibility to play with out disclosing delicate data is a plus.

Internet playing allows gamers to limit the amount of money staked and the hours of play. Gambling firms can also implement player tracking systems that warn players if their playing behaviour seems to turn out to be dangerous. The AGCO registers and regulates online gambling sites and units requirements to protect players whereas working to make sure recreation integrity for people across Ontario.

To switch money from your PayPal wallet to your bank or card, simply log in to PayPal, go to the cashier, and select the “Withdraw” choice. You can then enter the withdrawal quantity and submit the request. Wildz casino provides players the most well-liked EGT pokies and video games from prime builders. The stay on line casino part is the perfect different for many who need to play within the firm of reside sellers.

Gamers Additionally Favored

Other technologies (live streaming, money transactions, and so on.) and more employees (support) are invested to make the participant experience as real as potential and to avoid fraud. One of the big advantages of online casinos, in contrast to land-based casinos, is that they offer bonuses. On the web, they’re very generous by method of bonuses when you first enroll.

This is the only means we can ensure that the on line casino is respected and truthful. Of course, we favor to test online casinos with an EU license. Canadians additionally love betting on sport (especially the NHL, worldwide hockey tournaments or the CFL) and taking part https://pawoo.net/@williamtinker in official state-run online lottery games. Progressive jackpots are one of the most popular video games the world over. The jackpot will increase in worth each second and might go as high as hundreds of thousands.

On-line Games Development In Canada

The modern playing panorama can additionally be vastly totally different from that of previous generations. For one, the proliferation of social media allows for tailored advertisements to users. One-tap access to betting through cell purposes has made inserting a wager simpler than ever, whereas digital modes of payment have made losses feel boring and less noticeable. Although online gambling provides comparable games to traditional land-based playing, the character of on-line gambling could make it an inherently extra problematic gambling medium. On the opposite hand, the Internet permits for extra subtle accountable playing measures than another means of offering playing.

Which on-line slots settle for PayPal?

  • MrQ Casino Bonus.
  • Duelz Casino Bonus.
  • Regal Wins Casino Bonus.
  • PlayOJO Casino Bonus.
  • Voodoo Dream Casino Bonus.
  • 32Red Casino Bonus.
  • Monopoly Casino Bonus.
  • Rainbow Riches Casino Bonus.
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Polsek Pulosari Evakuasi Pendaki Dan Tutup Sementara Kawasan Gunung Pulosari http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/polsek-pulosari-evakuasi-pendaki-dan-tutup-sementara-kawasan-gunung-pulosari/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/polsek-pulosari-evakuasi-pendaki-dan-tutup-sementara-kawasan-gunung-pulosari/#respond Thu, 28 Dec 2017 03:05:59 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=29860 img-20171227-wa0120

TRIBRATANEWS POLDA BANTEN – Bencana Tanah longsor telah  terjadi di Gunung Pulosari Pandeglang di sekitar ketinggian 600 Mdpl, Pergerakan tanah mengakibatkan pengunjung yang sedang asik mandi dan menikmati Curug Putri berhamburan, Hal tersebut dikarenakan lokasi longsor bertepatan lurus jalur air menuju Curug Putri, (25/12).

Dikatakan salah satu warga Cilentung, Emi, terjadinya longsor sekitar pukul 14.00 WIB. Menurutnya banyak-barang pendaki gunung yang tertimbun.

“Iya tadi sekitar jam dua siang kejadiannya, tadi orang yang pas ada di sana cerita ke saya sambil gemetaran. Katanya mereka langsung lari saat melihat ada batu besar jatuh dari atas Curug Putri,” ungkap Emi saat ditemui di pintu masuk kawasan Gunung Pulosari

Pada hari Selasa tanggal 26 Desember 2017,Sekitar Pukul 15.00 Wib di Wisata Pulosari tepatnya di Tanjakan KI TERI, telah terjadi longsor susulan yang ke 3 yang mengakibatkan material longsor menutupi akses jalan menuju Kawah Gunung Pulosari serta terputusnya aliran air bersih dari sumber mata air Cipolos untuk kebutuhan masyarakat Ds.Cilentung.

Para pengunjung sebanyak 50 orang yang masih berada di kawah diarahkan pulang melalui jalan Pameugkeur dengan dipandu oleh anggota Polsek dan pegawai perhutani, dan untuk Sementara wisata pulosari ditutup, karena di khawatirkan akan ada longsor susulan nengingat bagian tebing terlihat retakan-retakan yang berpotensi longsor.

Kapolsek Pulosari Iptu Heru Ridartono menegaskan “ada sekitar 50 orang di Curug Putri saat terjadi longsor, Korban sampai saat ini tidak ada, hanya saja barang-barang pengunjung tertimbun longsor”, Sampai berita ini diturunkan pihak Kepolisian Polsek Pulosari dan BPBD telah melakukan upaya evakuasi agar tidak terjadi korban jiwa nantinya.

Kontributor : humas Polres Pandeglang

Editor : Muridi

Publish : Irwan Nova. A

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TRIBRATA NEWS POLDA BANTEN – bertempat di Lapangan Parkir Obyek Wisata Gunung Pulosari Kab. Pandeglang. telah dilaksanakan kegiatan perkemahan dan hiking Tingakat Kecamatan Pulosari di sekitaran Gunung Pulosari. kegiatan Pramuka tersebut di selenggarakan selama 2 hari yaitu mulai tanggal 13 s/d 14 Desember 2017, dan diikuti oleh kurang lebih 500 pelajar Sekecamatan Pulosari, (13/12).

dalam kesempatan tersebut Kanit Binmas selaku pengemban fungsi Binmas berkesempatan menjadi pendamping sekaligus pembimbing dalam kegiatan yang diadakan pada tingkat Kecamatan tersebut. dalam arahannya kepada Peserta Pramuka Kanit Binmas Bripka Didin Imanudin menyampaikan pesan-pesan kamtibmas dan memberi himbauan agar mengutamakan keselamatan, selalu berhati-hati, serta senantiasa menjaga kelestarian alam Gunung Pulosari.

Para pendamping peserta Perkemahan Pramuka menekankan agar para peserta mengikuti acara dengan sebaik mungkin dan di harapkan dapat menerapkan isi materi dalam kehidupa sehari-hari. Ini semua bertujuan agar para peserta mendapatkan ilmu yang bermanfaat dan dapat menjadi contoh bagi rekan-rekan yang lain yang belum berkesempatan untuk mengikuti kegiatan tersebut.

Kontributor : Humas Polres Pandeglang

Editor : Muridi

Publish : Irwan Nova. A


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BHAMBINKAMTIBMAS POLSEK PULOSARI KELILING SAMBANGI POS KAMLING http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/bhambinkamtibmas-polsek-pulosari-keliling-sambangi-pos-kamling/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/bhambinkamtibmas-polsek-pulosari-keliling-sambangi-pos-kamling/#respond Tue, 24 Oct 2017 05:28:21 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=24429 img-20171023-wa0031

TRIBRATA NEWS POLDA BANTEN – Kanit Binmas Polsek Pulosari Bripka Didin Imanudin galakan kegiatan sambang dan patroli pada malam hari. Pelaksanan sambang menuju Poskamling, yaitu pada Desa Koranji, Kecamatan Pulosari, Kabupaten Pandeglang, (23/10 ).

Melaksanakan kegiatan Sambang Poskamling, kegiatan tersebut dilakukan dalam rangka menciptakan situasi yang aman dan kondusif jelang pelaksanaan Pemilihan Kepala Desa (Pilkades) yang akan dilaksanakan secara serentak di 108 desa yang tersebar di 32 kecamatan pada tanggal 5 Nopember 2017.

Kapolsek Pulosari Iptu Heru Ridartono mengatakan, kegiatan sambang/patroli ini dilakukan sesuai arahan Kapolres Pandeglang AKBP Ary Satriyan untuk menciptakan situasi yang kondusif jelang pemilihan kepala Desa di Kabupaten Pandeglang, “sesuai arahannya (Kapolres Pandeglang AKBP Ary Satriyan) kita lakukan patroli di tempat-tempat yang dianggap rawan untuk menciptakan situasi yang kondusif jelang pilkades,”.

“Selain melaksanakan patroli tempat-tempat rawan kriminalitas, kita juga melakukan sambang pos-pos ronda. Disana kita sampaikan himbauan kamtibmas agar senantiasa para warga ikut serta dalam menjaga keamanan dilingkungannya,” lanjutnya.

Kapolsek Pulosari juga menghimbau, agar masyarakat dan petugas dapat bekerja sama dengan baik dalam menjaga kemananan dan ketertiban masyarakat dilingkungan tempatnya tinggal.

Kontributorr : Humas Polda Banten

Editor : Muridi

Publish : Irwan Nova. A

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Ciptakan Kondisi Aman Menjelang Pilkades Polsek Pulosari Ajak Tokoh Masyarakat http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/ciptakan-kondisi-aman-menjelang-pilkades-polsek-pulosari-ajak-tokoh-masyarakat/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/ciptakan-kondisi-aman-menjelang-pilkades-polsek-pulosari-ajak-tokoh-masyarakat/#respond Tue, 05 Sep 2017 15:25:26 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=21453 img-20170809-wa0033

TRIBRATA NEWS POLDA BANTEN – menjelang dimulainya Pemilihan Kepala Desa di 3 (tiga) Desa yang berada dalam wilayah Kec. Pulosari Kab. Pandeglang yaitu Desa Banjarwangi, Desa Sanghiangdengdek dan Desa Koranji. Polsek Pulosari telah melakukan langkah-langkah antisipasi cipta kondisi dalam menjaga kemanan menjelang diselenggarakannya Pemilihan Kepala desa dengan mengadakan pertemuan tokoh masyarakat baik tokoh agama, tokoh politik dan tokoh masyarakat supaya dapat bersinergi dalam menciptakan keamanan di Wilkum Polsek Pulosari khususnya pada Desa yang melaksanakan Pemilihan.

Dengan adanya pertemuan antara tokoh-tokoh dengan pihak kepolisian sektor Pulosari yang di laksanakan pada hari Senin tanggal 7 Agustus 2017 pada pukul 09.00 Wib di kantor desa Banjarwangi.

Kapolsek Pulosari Iptu Heru Ridartono menegaskan kepada setiap tokoh masyarakat,tokoh agma dan tokoh pemuda agar dapat aktif dilingkungan tempat tinggalnya dengan  membimbing warganya ataupun pendukungnya agar selalu senantiasa menjaga silaturahmi antar warga. karena dengan silaturahmi yang baik terjalin pula kemanan dilingkungannya.

Kontributor : Humas Polres Pandeglang
Editor           : P Winoto
Publish         : iman

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KURANGI LAKA LANTAS DAN PELANGGARAN LALULINTAS OLEH PELAJAR, POLSEK PULOSARI ADAKAN SOSIALISASI DI SMK 10 PULOSARI http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/kurangi-laka-lantas-dan-pelanggaran-lalulintas-oleh-pelajar-polsek-pulosari-adakan-sosialisasi-di-smk-10-pulosari/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/kurangi-laka-lantas-dan-pelanggaran-lalulintas-oleh-pelajar-polsek-pulosari-adakan-sosialisasi-di-smk-10-pulosari/#respond Thu, 13 Apr 2017 15:22:01 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=17057 sosialisasi

TRIBRATA NEWS POLDA BANTEN – Kamis tanggal 13 April 2017 pukul 09.00 WIB. Bertempat d SMK Negeri 10 Pulosari Kab. Pandeglang. Kapolsek Pulosari Iptu Heru Ridartono berikut dua orang anggota Polsek Pulosari Polres Pandeglang telah melaksanakan kegiatan Sosialisasi tentang Peraturan Lalulintas dan pengenalan Tanda Rambu Lalulintas. Kegiatan ini diikuti oleh anggota Paskibra SMK Negeri 10 Pulosari.

Seiring dengan kebutuhan alat transportasi yang sekarang ini banyak pula digunakan oleh pelajar, yang menurut undang-undang semestinya belum diijinkan mengendarai kendaraan bermotor dikarenakan usianya belum cukup sehingga tidak memenuhi syarat untuk mendapatkan Surat Ijin Mengemudi (SIM).

Melihat hal tersebut, maka Polsek Pulosari mengadakan kegiatan Sosialisasi tentang Peraturan Lalulintas dan Pengenalan Tanda Rambu Lalulintas. Dengan harapan parapelajar dapat mengetahui apa saja peraturan lalulintas, serta tanda rambu lalulintas saat berkendara kendaraan bermotor.

Tujuan dari kegiatan tersebut, setelah pelajar mengerti tentang peraturan lalulintas, angka kecelakaan lalulintas yang saat ini sebagian besar sering dialami oleh pelajar akan berkurang dan dapat menjadi PELOPOR KESELAMATAN BERLALU-LINTAS.

http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/kurangi-laka-lantas-dan-pelanggaran-lalulintas-oleh-pelajar-polsek-pulosari-adakan-sosialisasi-di-smk-10-pulosari/feed/ 0
Pengunjung dan Pendaki Gunung Pulosari diPeriksa http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/pengunjung-dan-pendaki-gunung-pulosari-diperiksa/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/pengunjung-dan-pendaki-gunung-pulosari-diperiksa/#respond Tue, 17 Jan 2017 02:10:30 +0000 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/?p=13336 img-20170107-wa0065

TRIBRATA NEWS POLDA BANTEN – Minggu 15 Januari 2017. Perjalanan para pengunjung atau pendaki kawasan gunung Pulosari Kab. Pandeglang sempat terhenti oleh adanya Rajia pemeriksaan barang bawaan yang di gelar oleh anggota Polsek Pulosari Polres Pandeglang.

Hal ini dikarenakan adanya laporan dari tokoh masyarakat Desa Cilentung Kec. Pulosari Kab. Pandeglang dengan adanya temuan berupa botol-botol miras yg ditemukan dI kawasan gunung Pulosari. botol tersebut banyak d temukan di sekitar air terjun Curug Putri dan Kawah gunung Pulosari. Sehingga di khawatirkan terjadinya hal-hal yang dapat meresahkan masyarakat.

Kapolsek Pulosari Polres Pandeglang Iptu Heru Ridartono menegaskan bahwa memang benar di temukan botol minuman keras di wilayah gunung Pulosari namun untuk hasil dari pemeriksaan atau razia yang telah dilaksanakan selama ini tidak ditemukan hasil adanya pengunjung yang membawa miras ke kawasan tersebut. Itu dikarenakan banyaknya pintu masuk atau jalur menuju kawasan gunung Pulosari yang merupakan diluar wilayah hukum Polsek Pulosari. Sehingga peran aktif masyarakat dan patroli kewilayahan perlu ditingkatkan.

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POLSEK PULOSARI AMANKAN PENYALURAN BANTUAN PKH TAHAP III GELOMBANG 5 TAHUN 2016 http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/polsek-pulosari-amankan-penyaluran-bantuan-pkh-tahap-iii-gelombang-5-tahun-2016/ http://tribratanews.banten.polri.go.id/polsek-pulosari-amankan-penyaluran-bantuan-pkh-tahap-iii-gelombang-5-tahun-2016/#respond Fri, 14 Oct 2016 07:15:08 +0000 http://tribratanewsbanten.com/?p=5475 img-20161013-wa0011

tribratanewsbanten.com – Pulosari, Kamis tanggal 13 OKtober 2016 Bapak Kapolsek Pulosari (IPTU HERU RIDARTONO) berikut 9 anggota Bhabinkamtibmas masing-masing Desa Polsek Pulosari Polres Pandeglang, telah mengamankan kegiatan penyaluran dana bantuan PKH (Program Keluarga Harapan) Tahap III Gelombang 5, tahun 2016 yang di laksanakan secara serentak di 9 Desa yang termasuk dalam wilayah Kecamatan Pulosari Kabupaten Pandeglang.

adapun yang berhak menerima adalah keluarga yang termasuk dalam Keluarga Sangat Miskin (KSM) dengan alokasi pembayaran. Desa Banjarnegara 60 KSM nominal Rp. 30.750.000, Desa Banjarwangi 117 KSM nominal Rp. 57.312.500, Desa Cilentung 259 KSM nominal Rp. 125.700.000, Desa Kaduhejo 81 KSM nominal Rp. 42.275.000, Desa Karyawangi 94 KSM nominal Rp. 50.750.000, Desa Koranji 88 KSM nominal Rp. 37.800.000, Desa Sanghiangdengdek 113 KSM nominal Rp. 44.962.500, Desa Sukaraja 100 KSM nominal 46.987.500, Desa Sukasari 118 KSM Rp. 56.900.000. dengan jumlah total penerima 1030 KSM dengan nominal Rp. 493.437.500,-

dana tersebut merupakan dana bantuan yang disalurkan oleh pemerintah kepada masyarakat kurang mampu sehingga dalam pelaksanaan pendistribusiannya dipandang perlu adanya pengawasan dan pengamanan dari Kepolisian khususnya dari Kepolisian Sektor Pulosari Polres Pandeglang. supaya dalam pelaksanaannya tidak timbul peraktek pungli dan tepat sasaran sehingga kegiatan tersebut dapat berjalan aman, tertib dan lancar.


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